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Can you imagine what it would be like to be Fully Staffed? 

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No more struggling to find them. No more wasted effort trying to keep them. No more stress trying to chase them.

Not you, no, you're Fully Staffed. We want to make this your reality.

Fully Staffed is Drive's online accelerator program for health care and senior living leaders who are ready to end their staffing crisis. 

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Hi! I'm Denise...

I help healthcare and senior living leaders (like you) love their work again. I want you to have work that lets you do good in the world without burning out. I’ve worked in healthcare and senior living leadership positions for 25+ years. I’ve been nicknamed “The Queen of Culture” for the work that I’ve done with 15,000+ people and hundreds of organizations over the last decade that I’ve had my business, Drive.

This is NOT a "dump a bunch of information on you and wish you the best"!

I know you feel like you are already doing *all* the things to help.

You’re following all the experts, listening to all the best practices, and reading all the tips. And not just that, you’re actually putting in the work (SO much work) to implement the stuff you are learning.

But what all of this leads to is you feeling like you are running on a treadmill.

I have intentionally designed this learning experience for you as a healthcare or senior living leader. And that's what it is...an experience.

When you apply the strategies and tactics I outline each month, you'll have more breathing room at work, less stress and a heck of a lot more time for the people that you care about most.

When people implement the material, they get results. It's really that simple.



“These small ideas pack a punch. In fact, they are brilliant in their simplicity. We shall be adopting many of them as a matter of process. Thank you ever so much.” 

Gwendolyn Monangai, President and CEO, Jonathan’s Haven LLC


"In the short time that I have been a member of Fully Staffed, I have gained some great insights and strategies that I can bring to my team."

“I would tell you, if you are on the fence about joining Fully Staffed, just do it! I have gained valuable information on helpiing us find and keep the right people for us and for our residents.”
Lisa Talent, HR Manager of Applewood Our Home - Assisted Living