No Applicants? Wondering where all the good people are?

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Five proven strategies to immediately impact your staffing.



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Daily Video Training

Once a day, for 5 days, I’ll pop into your inbox with a short video interview with a client on one recruitment issue they addressed with some effective and innovative strategy. Not fluff, not best practices that fall flat for you. This is information every organization should know, and every leader should put into play!

Downloadable Worksheets

You'll receive worksheets that support each video lesson, that you can download and use with your team, for free!

Innovative Ideas that Work

Chances are you have "tried it all." At the very least you have continued to do the things that always used to work in the past. But, guess what? Those things don't work anymore. This is a whole new kind of staffing challenge that requires a fresh, innovative approach. THAT is what this challenge with leave you with, more tools in your toolbox!

Hi! I'm Denise. 

I help healthcare and senior living leaders (like you) get more A-player team members through your doors, to stay! I want you to have less turnover and more of the outcomes you have worked so hard for! I’ve worked in healthcare and senior living leadership positions for 25+ years and I know firsthand how frustrating staffing can be, but I also know how to take back control over your staffing. 

I’ve been nicknamed “The Queen of Culture” for the work that I’ve done with 15,000+ people and hundreds of organizations over the last decade that I’ve had my business, Drive. And I know (because I’ve helped countless leaders do it for themselves) that once you have all the right pieces in place, it becomes so much easier to recruit and retain top talent. I want to share what I have learned with you, so you can benefit!

Give us 5 days and we'll give you ideas you've never thought of that are guaranteed to get great people through your doors!

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