Leadership development has never been this good.

Elevate confidence and skills for real-life leadership with 

The Impactful Leader.

Leadership development has never been this good.

Elevate confidence and skills for real-life leadership with The Impactful Leader.

The Impactful Leader has all you need for leadership success.


🫵 Get ready for real-life skills that pack a punch in your daily grind. Plus, dial up that confidence to tackle any curveball with ease! 💪

Leadership development should be an investment in leaders and their real day-to-day.


>> You crave applicable learning that will make a difference in your work.

>> You also need to have unwavering confidence to face any obstacle head-on.

Drive's leadership development program, The Impactful Leader: A How-To Guide, has all you need for leadership success.

The Impactful Leader: Research-Based and Real-World Worthy. 


Exciting news alert: Every leader has the potential to become exceptional! 🌟 


Did you know there are 30 behaviors that define exceptional leadership? And guess what? You can master each and every one of them! 


With The Impactful Leader, you get all the insights you need to boost your confidence and lead your team with clarity and expertise. 


Ready to unleash your full leadership potential? Let's do this!


Activate Greatness NOW! >>

Love your job AND make an undeniable impact. Yes, you can!

With The Impactful Leader, you master the 30 behaviors defining exemplary leadership. Each one includes a quick actionable step, empowering you to ignite change and amplify your impact in just moments each day.

These principles aren't just theory; they inspire action. But here's the kicker! By incorporating them into your daily life, you'll cultivate stronger relationships and nurture habits that enrich both your professional and personal worlds!

What makes The Impactful Leader stand out? 

It's definitely not your typical leadership development. Get ready for captivating lessons and some fun with Denise in every module. It's engaging, entertaining, and truly inspiring.

Expect The Impactful Leader to not only reshape your career but also redefine your connection to your work. It's a game-changer. That's our promise!

Short on time? Don't worry.

Our short videos fit into even the busiest schedules. Learn at your own pace, whether it's during your commute, lunch break, or as part of your evening wind-down. These transformative lessons are always within reach; we even have an app for learning on the fly.

Explore 5 modules, each with 7 short videos, offering 5 hours of invaluable insights. There's even bonus content, all totaling 7 NAB CEs.

It's time to go from good to great, and The Impactful Leader is the program to get you there!

The Impactful Leader isn't just another leadership program - it's backed by nearly four decades of research.

Turns out there are 30 distinct behaviors that define exceptional leaders, and here's the best part:

You can learn every single one of them.

Leadership excellence isn't about being born with it - it's about putting in the work and dedication, just like any other skill.

Are you ready to unlock your full leadership potential?

Activate Greatness NOW! >>

Seeking a transformative experience that transcends the boardroom? 🤩
Delve into 30 powerful behaviors with The Impactful Leader. Each behavior is accompanied by a quick actionable step, empowering you to ignite change in mere moments each day.

But here's the kicker! These principles extend far beyond the confines of corporate walls. By integrating them into daily practice, your leaders can forge stronger personal connections, cultivating habits that enrich both their professional and personal lives.

What sets The Impactful Leader apart? 👑
It's not your run-of-the-mill training session. Prepare to be captivated and entertained as Denise weaves relatable anecdotes and humor into every module, ensuring engagement and retention like never before.

Concerned about time constraints? Fear not. ⏰
Our concise videos seamlessly slot into even the busiest schedules, whether it's during a commute, lunch break, or evening unwind. As your team embraces these transformative lessons, you'll witness newfound efficiencies liberating up more invaluable time.

Embark on a journey of discovery with 5 modules, each featuring 7 short videos - culminating in 5 hours of invaluable insights. And that's not all. Bonus content awaits, offering a total of 7 NAB CEUs.

Here's the cherry on top!  🍒
Leaders have the flexibility to learn independently, with the option to convene - virtually or in person - to share insights and practical applications, enriching the collective team experience.

Ready to transcend from good to great?

Exemplary leaders make great things happen. 


As a leader, your role isn't just guiding your team; it's about lifting your organization to greater heights. Your full potential isn't just valuable to others – it's essential for your own job satisfaction. So why not love what you do and feel great about the difference you make? When you excel, big things happen—inside you and around you, driving positive change and impact.

With The Impactful Leader's transformative strategies, you'll feel the difference you're making for those you lead and serve, bringing fulfillment and joy at work.

We're redefining greatness in leadership with The Impactful Leader – feeling great and achieving great things? It's practically guaranteed. So, why not join us?

leadership program

"This program has reignited our passion and given our leaders a renewed sense of purpose. I have seen new and seasoned leaders' confidence soar. We’re ecstatic with the fresh energy and innovative ideas it’s sparked."

~ Kristi Stockslager, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Kingston HealthCare Company

The Impactful Leader is the ultimate playbook for leaders.

Step-by-Step Program

An online, on-demand course made of short, easy-to-digest videos, filled with simple actions, you can take now.

Plus, bonus interviews on Management & Messaging!


"I've been STARVING for this kind of learning/growing for myself!”

~Annie Heferly, ED

Research-Based Training


Clueless presenters who don’t understand our field? We know what's out there. 


"It felt good to learn from people who have such a strong background in this field. You drew on real life experiences and you were real about the whole thing."

~Lisa Corrado, ED

Tried & Tested Material

More than 1000 aging service leaders have experienced this impactful content. In the process, they've transformed their lives at home and work. Yes, this program is that powerful!


"My only regret is that I didn’t experience these learnings years ago!"

~Brian Cook, ED 

Ummm yes, I want to be an Impactful Leader!

Unlock Your Full Potential.

3, 2, 1... Impact!

🎯 The Impactful Leader has already transformed over 1000 leaders. 

🎯 It's a step-by-step program that gives you the tools to be the confident and inspiring leader others want to follow!

🎯 The content has been designed specifically for leaders working in aging services. 

🎯 A team learning option means all of your leaders can learn and grow together. We can accommodate any number of leaders in this program.

🎯 The program was developed by Denise Boudreau, a former nursing home administrator and now President of Drive, the leading culture expert in the field.

Here’s what Denise has to say . . . 

Hi! I'm Denise.

I truly get aging service leadership. From my days as a CNA and Dietary Aide to my time as an Administrator, I've felt the stress and pressure. Believe me, I've walked those halls, faced those moments of doubt, and searched for guidance.

Through the years I’ve collected leadership wisdom that’s indispensable, yet often overlooked. It centers around cultivating a mindset, a spirit of leadership that’s both resilient and inspiring.

That's the core of The Impactful Leader. I designed it for leaders on the cusp of true greatness. When they're empowered and confident, the ripple effect is felt throughout their organization. They lead with purpose, projects find direction, teams feel motivated, and even amidst challenges, there's a steady hand on the wheel.

Considering The Impactful Leader for yourself, or your team of leaders, is more than just another training program. It's an investment in potential, a nod to talents and abilities, and a step towards an organization where every leader shines brilliantly.

I've seen the transformative power of exemplary leadership, and I truly believe you have the potential to harness it. Get after greatness with The Impactful Leader!


Get inspired to Inspire!

The most impactful leadership strengthening tool, yet!


Learn at your own pace through quick videos you can watch any time, anywhere.

For team learning, come together as a group after each module to discuss what you learn for the most transformative experience possible!

Stop doubting yourself and become the leader everyone wants to be like with

The Impactful Leader!! 


Impactful leaders:

👏 Exude confidence.

👏 Always know what to do in any situation.

👏 Inspire their team like nobody else.

A program for all leaders.

New leaders, seasoned long-timers...it doesn't matter.

The Impactful Leader meets you where you are and helps you be your best!

Strengthening your areas of weakness, bolstering any inexperience, sparking confidence within you, and inspiring you to deliver on that all-important mission!

That's making a difference!

Unlock Your Potential Today! >>

The videos take just minutes each to watch, and the actions you’ll learn take 5-minutes or less to implement.

It’s all about taking small, intentional steps each day. After a few weeks, you’ll feel empowered, fulfilled, and ready to slay any challenge that comes your way!

Let’s do this! >>

What’s inside The Impactful Leader?


Your dream career is possible;

The Impactful Leader can get you there!

This program was made to inspire exemplary leadership and motivate organizational excellence.
You've heard it, great things start at the top!
Make sure you are performing at your best, and the rest of your organization will soar right along with you.

The Impactful Leader redefines leadership development: A transformative journey that elevates leaders and organization to new heights.

Become an Impactful Leader Now!




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Build an Impactful Team Now! 




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Looking for other team purchase options? Or have questions? Let's talk! Email [email protected] 

Our 100% money back guarantee

If The Impactful Leader doesn’t start you on the path to fearless leadership within 45 days of your purchase, send us an email. We’ll ask for your completed coursework to make sure you tried your best to practice the actions we recommended and ask what didn’t work for you so we can learn from it. Once we receive your completed coursework, you’ll get a complete refund. If you have received CEUs you will not be eligible for a refund.